Execute OData query

Executes an OData query for events

HTTP request

GET /v1/apps/{app-id}/events/{event-type}


Type Description
API key

Pass the API key via an X-Api-Key custom header or an api_key query parameter. [More info about authorization]

Basic Auth

Use the API key as either username or password with normal HTTP basic auth [More info about authorization]

Azure AAD Auth

Pass the AAD auth token in the 'Authorization' header. [More info about authorization]

URL parameters

Name Value Description
app-id string (uuid)

ID of the application. This is Application ID from the API Access settings blade in the Azure portal.

event-type string

The type of events to query; either a standard event type (traces, customEvents, pageViews, requests, dependencies, exceptions, availabilityResults) or $all to query across all event types.

Query parameters

Name Value Description
timespan string (date-time-period)

Optional. The timespan over which to retrieve events. This is an ISO8601 time period value. This timespan is applied in addition to any that are specified in the Odata expression.

$filter string

An expression used to filter the returned events

$search string

A free-text search expression to match for whether a particular event should be returned

$orderby string

A comma-separated list of properties with "asc" (the default) or "desc" to control the order of returned events

$select string

Limits the properties to just those requested on each returned event

$skip integer (int32)

The number of items to skip over before returning events

$top integer (int32)

The number of events to return

$format string

Format for the returned events

$count boolean

Request a count of matching items included with the returned events

$apply string

An expression used for aggregation over returned events


Status Code Description
200 Successful response
402 Payment required (the app is not in a required pricing tier)
404 Invalid app-id
429 Too many requests
503 Service unavailable